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Announcement and Updates

How to download: Normal Users (without QuickTime installed) — Single left click will give you a .mp3 download prompt. If you right click and save as, you’ll receive a .html document download. QuickTime users — RIGHT CLICK the song, and choose “SAVE LINK AS.” UPDATED! ☆V-D@SH EXCLUSIVE ALBUM☆ – 【八王子P】electric love【320kbps】【CD+DVD-Rip 480p】【Scans】 – 【daniwell】Nyan Cat【CBR 320kbps】【CD … Continue reading

【THE VOC@LOiD M@STER 10】P∴Rhythmatiq act:05【P∴Rhythmatiq】

Released during VoMas 10 events. Another mini-album from P∴Rhythmatiq. Enjoy. Track 4~6 are off-vocal. No previews will be provided as it’s the same song without vocal. Title: P∴Rhythmatiq act:05 Circle: P∴Rhythmatiq Main Artist: Aether_Eru, ゆう VOCALOID: 初音ミク Release date: 11/13/2009 Bitrate: CBR 320 Kbps Tracks: 6 Track List: 1. Orizzontia 2. 楓 3. スカイ・ハイ 4. … Continue reading


An older album, and the first batch of P∴Rhythmatiq’s album. Was sold during M3-22 in autumn 2008. Title: 七色リミックス Circle: P∴Rhythmatiq Main Artist(s): Aether_Eru, ゆう VOCALOID: 初音ミク Release date: Autumn 2008 Bitrate: CBR 320 Kbps Tracks: 7 Track List: 1. acoustic mix 2. 7th memories mix 3. Dr.Cripton’s Strangelove mix 4. monochrome mix 5. Rhythmical … Continue reading

【コミックマーケット77】P∴Rhythmatiq Trial mix【P∴Rhythmatiq】

Rhythmatiq’s c77 album… this one doesn’t even have a proper CD Jacket. Was sold with a CD and a clear case. Title: P∴Rhythmatiq Trial Mix Circle: P∴Rhythmatiq Main Artist: P∴Rhythmatiq VOCALOID: 初音ミク Release date: 12/30/2009 Bitrate: CBR 320 Kbps Tracks: 6 Track List: 1. Orizzontia -Noah’s Out of Place Remix- 2. Snow Promenade -Aether_Eru’s Frozen … Continue reading

【コミックマーケット75】P∴Rhythmatiq act:02【P∴Rhythmatiq】

Second part or act of P∴Rhythmatiq’s Comiket 75 (c75) album release. Pretty much same format as act 1, total 6 tracks, with 3 off-vocal tracks of the first 3 songs. One of the song is actually an acoustic mix of the first album… I wonder why not just sell one single album? Title: P∴Rhythmatiq act:01 … Continue reading

【コミックマーケット75】P∴Rhythmatiq act:01【P∴Rhythmatiq】

First part of P∴Rhythmatiq’s コミックマーケット75(Comiket 75) album. Act 1. Nothing too special. A good listen non the less. Without Miku just means it’s the off-vocal version, so streaming isn’t there, since its’ the exact same song just without vocal. Title: P∴Rhythmatiq act:01 Circle: P∴Rhythmatiq Main Artist: ゆう, Aether_Eru VOCALOID: 初音ミク Release date: 12/28/2008 Bitrate: CBR … Continue reading