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This is a MEGA mix of some of the most well-known vocaloid songs… when I mean MEGA, it’s indeed breath taking in terms of quality and quantity. Enough of blabbering. Enjoy. P.S. I am busy with college finals now, and this will be the last post in a while :x sorry for inconvenience. Title: EXIT … Continue reading

Announcement and Updates

How to download: Normal Users (without QuickTime installed) — Single left click will give you a .mp3 download prompt. If you right click and save as, you’ll receive a .html document download. QuickTime users — RIGHT CLICK the song, and choose “SAVE LINK AS.” UPDATED! ☆V-D@SH EXCLUSIVE ALBUM☆ – 【八王子P】electric love【320kbps】【CD+DVD-Rip 480p】【Scans】 – 【daniwell】Nyan Cat【CBR 320kbps】【CD … Continue reading


This is another milestone compilation album with many songs released within the last half a year. Definitely a good album to start for Vocaloid beginners and a definite good album to collect for vocaloid veterans. Enjoy~ Title: Supernova Main Artist(s): Dixie Flatline, Treow, DECO* 27, とくP, クワガタP, デッドボールP, オワタP, mothy, 40mP, ゆうゆ, Otetsu, 古川P, のぼる↑ … Continue reading

【Creative Run】VL-Scramble

This is another compilation of Vocaloid works by major artists such as 40mP, Deco*27, Samfree, etc. It’s released by an independent label called Creative Run (although they are technically part of Kings Record). Some of these songs you have seen/heard from weekly rankings, but this is the chance to get the album version in high … Continue reading


Here it is~~ the long awaited Supernova 2. Following the tradition of Supernova, this CD is a compilation of milestone works of Vocaloid music by a huge amount of Vocaloid masters. Many of these songs debuted in the top 30s, many even in the top 10s and sometimes in the top 3s of the Weekly … Continue reading

Weekly Vocaloid Ranking (#122)

This week continues to be full of creative juice with many new songs and very good ones as well. Enjoy this week’s singles pick. Jump to This week’s Recommendation Singles Download Issue #122 Comments: As you probably know at this point, the new ranking formula allowed many older songs to stay for more than 1 … Continue reading

【THE VOC@LOiD M@STER 8】39+1m【40mP】

40mP’s solo CD, released as part of the VOC@LOiD M@STER series 8. Great songs. DECO*27 makes a guest appearance for a couple song. Title: 39+1m Main Artist: 40mP, DECO*27 VOCALOID: 初音ミク Release date: 05/17/2009 Bitrate: CBR 320 Kbps Tracks: 10 Track List: 1. 虹色ノート 2. Melody in the sky 3. STEP TO YOU 4. 向日葵 … Continue reading