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Hello, this is Kino.

Hello there,
I’m Kino and I’ll be helping out with the maintenance of this blog.

I’m not particularly good at introductions so…:
– Studies: Digital Arts
– Fav food: Ice Cream
– Fav music: Anything (more indie & dream-pop oriented though)
– Fav Vocaloid: Megurine Luka
– Fav Producers:  fatmanP, keeno, fullkawa, Treow (ELECTROCUTICA), 40mP, buzz G, whoo,  baker, kous, kuwagataP, OneRoomP, DECO*27, etc.

I’ll keep this short for the better stuff to come (feel free to ask any questions though) :)



2 thoughts on “Hello, this is Kino.

  1. If i say first, will i be stoned?

    lol regardless, well welcome i guess, not sure what maintenance can be done here though

    oh u forgot to add deco 27 to ur list of fav producers. DOITNAO

    Posted by simonsayzhigh | April 11, 2012, 00:24
    • Thanks for the welcome

      If I add Deco*27, I’d feel inclined to add supercell, wowaka, scop, Dixie Flatline, rerulili, acane_madder and iroha as well (the “etc’s”).

      But I’ll add Deco*27 just for you, lol.

      Posted by hmmng | April 11, 2012, 23:40

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