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Vocaloid Ranking

Weekly Vocaloid Ranking (#132)

Number 132 Weekly Vocaloid Ranking.

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Issue #132

Comments: This week’s highlights are concentrated in the top third of the chart. The rest of the two-thirds are filled with the usual staple classic and a couple new songs. There are two songs (#4 and #20) that made it to the ranking that were released couple weeks ago as part of the VL-Scrmable CD, you can check out the entirety of the CD here.

The biggest song of this week is probably #3 and #2, one of which is another work by ハチ… Like other ハチ work, it sounds similar… let’s see how long this one will stay in the chart (most likely there will be a PV released extending it for couple more weeks). Rolling Girl by wowaka still holding in the top 30s. Along side with it, Monochro Bluesky by のぼる↑ is holding strong within the 20s probably looking to stay in for another week.

#16 【yukkedoluce】きみがすき【初音ミク】 (VBR 320kbps)

#5 【にお】帰り道【初音ミク】 (CBR 320kbps)

#3 【オサレパーマ】サクラノ前夜【初音ミク】 (CBR 192kbps)

#2 【ハチ】演劇テレプシコーラ【初音ミク】 (CBR 256kbps)



3 thoughts on “Weekly Vocaloid Ranking (#132)

  1. third song is very special, never heard this kind of song before
    “ust man”!!!! very good!

    listen to this song make me feel like i’m walking inside the frame burning, and pass through galaxy, saw something outside the galaxy!

    hehe, hope people can understand

    Posted by seng | April 15, 2010, 09:16
  2. start updating or ill eat you

    Posted by SimonSayzHigh | June 6, 2010, 17:57


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