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Vocaloid Ranking

Vocaloid Weekly Ranking (#128)

Another week of Vocaloid ranking. This week got a lot of good stuff. Let’s get started~

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Issue #128:

From the effects of CD releases and ミク感謝祭39 (Miku Thanksgiving 39) live concert many old classics got a boost. Although I want to give a

#29 – 白い雪のプリンセス, #27 – ダスト, and #4 – はなゆりかご are all released along side the Supernova 2 CD, which has been on V-D@SH for about a week now. If you are interested in those songs, please visit the album page.

A little bit of opinion on はなゆりかご (External Link: Youtube), it’s a unique song, but I don’t think the music is that great. However, I highly recommend you take a look at the PV because the PV is very high quality work similar to iroha’s other work 炉心溶解 (Meltdown).

On other note… YES for two of my favorite artist’s new work, Millistones’ new song Railroad Crossing, and the parody song master おにゅう’s 鬱くしい花 (meaning “Depressing Flower,” a nice word play on 美しい, which means “beautiful.”)

We also see new songs from lesser known artists, including the debut of a new P — DC.

Last comment is concerning #2 – メイドの星からS・O・S. (External Link: Youtube) the PV is very reminiscent of eroge game opening, but that’s left up to personal judgment. None the less, a great PV, and worth watching if you are into anime.

On to this week’s recommendations!

#21 【Plutonius】サクラフィクション【鏡音レン】 (CBR 192kbps)

#16 【NOFIRE】星屑とカケラ【初音ミク】 (CBR 224kbps)

#11 【millstones】Railroad Crossing【初音ミク・GUMI】 (CBR 160kbps)

#10 【DC】Wonderful Day【初音ミク】 (CBR 320kbps)

#1 【おにゅう】鬱くしい花【初音ミク】 (192 kbps)



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