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Vocaloid Ranking

Weekly Vocaloid Ranking (#127)

Another very competitive week with several big names on the scene such as AVTechno!, HeavenZ, ささくれUK, etc. Let’s get started!!


Issue #127:


This week has a lot of new great creative contents by new comers and masters alike. There isn’t much to comment, but to say that the parody song based on wowaka’s song is still staying strong, as well as the ever godly “Just Be Friends” going up once again in ranking…

Lastly, if you have not listened/download “ナイフ” by パワコドP last week, I strongly recommend. The song made a very strong transition from last week to this week, staying in the Top 10.

*note, the 128kbps on the song is rather deceptive. Because of the song doesn’t employs very fancy sound effect, and uses very simple wave pattern, the 128kbps has surprisingly high fidelity.

#18 【uz】君と世界をつなぐもの【GUMI】 (CBR 320 kbps)

#11 【KEI】MAYDAY【初音ミク】 (CBR 320 kbps)

#5 【鍬形】ダスト【巡音ルカ】
High quality album version available here.

#4 【Heavenz】Atoms【初音ミク】 (CBR 320 kbps)

** #3 【AVTechno!】free LenMix【巡音ルカ・鏡音レン】 (VBR 160kbps)

#1 【ストンク】サボテンと蜃気楼【初音ミク】 (CBR 128kbps)

**For the album version, please visit the album page. The album version has minor difference and is higher quality.




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