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Vocaloid Ranking

Weekly Vocaloid Ranking (#124)

This week is rather unremarkable… quite dominated by remixes, old songs, and c77 songs and VOC@LOiD M@STER releases that got PVed lol. A few MMD Cup IV also got ranked. Anyways keeping with bringing you the “newest” every week, V-D@SH present you the ranking #124

Issue #124:

If you haven’t gotten DYE by AVTechno! from last week you should get it now, by clicking the links. It stayed strong in top 3 again this week. An interesting song in English, with lyrics presented all in 16bit hex. This week has a bit of Kaito songs, as well as c77 stuff and VOC@LOiD M@STER. So if you are regular visitor to V-D@SH, you probably already heard some of them and I apologize for that. MMD Cup 4 is also in progress so the following weeks will have several spots that have MMD stuff.

#30 – 【takamatt】アイノヨロコビ【GUMI】 (320 kbps)

#24 – 【ritsu】LAST FLIGHT【巡音ルカ】 (226 kbps)

#17 – 【papiyon】恋率方程式【初音ミク】 (320 kbps)

#15 – 【baker】Just Be Friends NTMGmix【巡音ルカ】 (320kbps)
* Click here For the whole c77 album

#8 – 【wowaka】ローリンガール【初音ミク】
High quality album version here.

#7 – 【Polyphonic Branch】太陽と月のロンド【巡音ルカ・初音ミク】 (320 kbps)
* Click here for the whole VOC@LoiD M@STER 9 album




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