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Vocaloid Ranking

Weekly Vocaloid Ranking (#123)

Another week of Vocaloid festivity. Major releases this week has been THE VOC@LOiD M@STER 11 series of CDs. A lot of suprises this week. Let’s get started.


Issue #123:

This week has a lot of high profile songs as you’ll see: from AVTechno!; OneRoom, ハチ (debatable…), etc.

Why I said the ハチ song is debatable because it’s basically sounds like a remix from its previous song from last year. The old/original version was named The Umbrella End World, the new song with the new amazing PV is named Umbrella’s End World. The intro is bit difference, but the key, and most of the song sounds very very similar. None the less, it’s a good song, and the PV was great. AVTechno! presents us with one of his first (I think) Luka work, an amazing Techno-Pop in his usual style — but with a catch: all the lyrics are in numbers! Go figure that one out!

Btw, the 40mP song at #2 – ジェンガ this week was ranked in last week (although pretty weak in the top 30), so therefore was included in last week’s ranking. So if you have not had a chance, you can get it from last week’s ranking.

#14 – 【hanzo】合鍵ガンマンと合鍵忍者【巡音ルカ x 初音ミク】 (CBR 256kbps)

#12 – 【TOKOTOKO(西沢さんP)】迷子ライフ【鏡音リン】 (VBR 256kbps)

#7 – 【マチゲリータ】罪ノ月【KAITO x 初音ミク】 (CBR 160kbps)

#4 – 【OneRoom (ジミーサムP)】Pierrot【初音ミク】
High quality album version here.

#3 – 【AVTechno!】DYE【巡音ルカ】 (CBR 320kbps)

#1 – 【ハチ】WORLD’s END UMBRELLA【初音ミク】 (CBR 192kbps)




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