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Weekly Vocaloid Ranking (#125)

I was rather reluctant to put up this week’s ranking. But since I dont’ want to make it an excuse for my procrastenation… I present you ranking #125 JUMP TO THIS WEEK’S DOWNLOAD Issue #125: Comments: This week from almost start to finish is DOMINATED by classics it’s unbelievable. With 4x Lover’s remakes/spin-off/parody (including the … Continue reading

【V-D@SH EXCLUSIVE】【THE VOC@LOiD M@STER 11】For a sick boy【ゆよゆっぺ】

HERE IT IS! The long promised release from V-D@SH. I proudly present you ゆよゆっぺ’s latest album from The VOC@LOiD M@STER 11 event in spring 2010. With this album yoyoyuppe’s collection of Vocaloid work up to this point has been cataloged in CD quality. And for the convenience of the readers here, I present you them … Continue reading


As innocent and ear pleasing melody of デッドボールP’s (デP/DeP) melody, his songs are full of very sexual innuendo. Very cleverly disguised as perfectly innocent subjects, this album will definitely bring a smile to anyone who appreciate the ingenuity, and definitely shock those bystanders that happens to hear you play this over the speaker and understands … Continue reading

Weekly Vocaloid Ranking (#124)

This week is rather unremarkable… quite dominated by remixes, old songs, and c77 songs and VOC@LOiD M@STER releases that got PVed lol. A few MMD Cup IV also got ranked. Anyways keeping with bringing you the “newest” every week, V-D@SH present you the ranking #124 JUMP TO THIS WEEK’S DOWNLOAD Issue #124: Comments: If you … Continue reading

【エイプリルズ】ミク・ロ・アドベンチャー!【feat. 初音ミク】

Latest commercial album from エイプリルズ (THE APRILS). Released in December 2009 by label Pヴァイン・レコード. It has a retro-electronic punk feel to it. Title: ミク・ロ・アドベンチャー! Main Artist: エイプリルズ (THE APRILS) VOCALOID: 初音ミク Release date: 09/23/2009 Bitrate: CBR 320 Kbps Tracks: 8 Track List: 1. ステンレスガール 2. COSMO ’80s 3. パン・ダ 4. キ・ラ・メ・キ・ムーンダイバー 5. タイム・アフター・タイム 6. ASTRO … Continue reading


An older album, and the first batch of P∴Rhythmatiq’s album. Was sold during M3-22 in autumn 2008. Title: 七色リミックス Circle: P∴Rhythmatiq Main Artist(s): Aether_Eru, ゆう VOCALOID: 初音ミク Release date: Autumn 2008 Bitrate: CBR 320 Kbps Tracks: 7 Track List: 1. acoustic mix 2. 7th memories mix 3. Dr.Cripton’s Strangelove mix 4. monochrome mix 5. Rhythmical … Continue reading

【THE VOC@LOiD M@STER 10】the monochrome disc【wowaka】

wowaka’s solo CD. This is your chance at grabbing this Vocaloid master’s great CD. I personally isn’t a huge fan of wowaka, but with his songs staying in the top 30s weekly chart consistently, there must be a lot of fans. This CD has all of his best hits. Enjoy. Title: the monochrome disc Circle: … Continue reading


Released during the 24rd M3 (Music x Media x Market) event. A relative new event, and not a usual place for Vocaloid music releases, however it is changing, and this is one great album. This is the 4th album by circle Armonia. Title: 秘めるトキメキ Circle: Armonia Main Artist(s): かなづき 結里朱守 BF VOCALOID: 初音ミク Release date: … Continue reading

【コミックマーケット77】俺の脳内ミクが一番可愛い4【Studio IIG】

Studio IIG’s 4th album in the “Ore no Nounai Miku ga ichiban kawaii” (trans: The Miku in My Brain is the Cutest) series. If the lacking album art don’t convince you that the Miku in “your” brain is the cutest, the songs definitely will!. Enjoy! Title: 俺の脳内ミクが一番可愛い4 Circle: Studio IIG Main Artist: IIG, Oiko, とぶウサギ, … Continue reading

【OneRoom】Toy Box【feat. 初音ミク・巡音ルカ】

This is a great album, consisting entirely of the songs made from OneRoom in 2009. Some great hits like “From Y to Y,” and “Toy Box” are in this album. Enjoy! one Bonus track “Little Traveler.” Title: Toy Box Main Artist: OneRoom // ジミーサムP VOCALOID: 初音ミク, 巡音ルカ Release date: 07/29/2009 Bitrate: CBR 320 Kbps Tracks: … Continue reading