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Vocaloid Ranking

Weekly Vocaloid Ranking (#120)

Well we are couple weeks now into 2010, and the creativity has started. This week has a lot of new songs that’s worth listening. Also note that with new formulas, it is much harder for older song to get ranked, which makes the chart very divided with the lower half 15~30 dominated by old classic, and the beginning 1~15 dominated by new songs. Of course the exception is Just Be Friends who is most likely going to stay in the top 15 for a long time to come. Now, onto the ranking and this week’s picks! ^^ Took me alittle bit to hunt for the highest bitrate version of the song for a while, so enjoy!

Issue #120:

There is quite a bit of new works by new Ps. AVTechno’s new song is rather amazing as well. And yes… there is a song without a name… it’s just blank. ^^ Haku’s hymn is very strong holding on very well, as well as bungaku shounen song which went up from previous week. Luka also dominates this week because this is the week where Luka was released in the previous year.


#20 【●テラピコス】    【初音ミク】

#16 【BETTI】君恋し【巡音ルカ】

#15 【AVTechno】ZOU+【初音ミク】

#13 【Masa_Charcoal】ダウト【初音ミク】

#12 【やま】Discommunication【巡音ルカ】

#8 【ピノキオP】ボーかロイドのうた【初音ミク】

#7 【millstones】可能世界のロンド【初音ミク】

#5 【Heavenz】Imitation【初音ミク】

#4 【←P】falldown【初音ミク】




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