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VOCALOID Weekly Ranking #119; Yearly 除外 Ranking (Exclusion Ranking) 2009

All right, let’s cut to the chase! I present you, in this two part post, the Weekly Vocaloid Ranking Issue #119, and the amazingly amusing Exclusion Ranking of 2009 (more details follows).

Let’s begin with the normal Weekly Ranking, Issue #119:
Parts 1,2,3

Comments: The lower end of the 30s are crowded with classic, while the top end are crowded with new songs. All in all, it’s a lazy week, and a surprisingly amount of songs from previous week were able to remain in the chart. Also new are the formula and the look of the ranking as you noticed in the video.

Recommendations (Bold for emphasis :P):

#29 【lunatic player】【Gumi x 鏡音リン】Starry☆Rocket【オリジナル】

#15 【kero】【初音ミク】モンシロチョウ【オリジナル】

#8 【名無し】【初音ミク】ペケ印【オリジナル】

#4 【ゆよゆっぺ】【初音ミク】Blue【オリジナル】

#2 【ゆちゃP】【鏡音リン】空想パレット【オリジナル】*

*Sorry for the naming, I was doing it too quickly. The actual English name should of been Fantasy Pallet.


Ok, this came a little unexpected when I was looking up a song. (specifically, めりー☆せっくすます). And I ended up finding this VOCALOID ranking which ranked songs that had enough points to make it to the normal Weekly charts, but the contents are TOO adult-flavored to be “appropriate.” Ever wonder why デッドボールP’s (DeP in English community) songs hardly get into the normal ranking — well they are just a little too … you get the idea. The ranking had a ridiculous amount of songs based off 乱数P’s のぼり棒, and parody songs of Meltdown (炉心溶解), which got turned into loli/shota kidnap songs. Those apart, there are one artists that caught my attention besides DeP’s amazing work.

Because the ranking is about 30 minutes in length, there are no youtube versions. Here, I’ll provide a link to the nico version, which you can view at your leisure.
VOCALOID 名誉の除外ランキング ~大人の都合アワード2009~

Recommendations (please listen to these at your own private time… and do not for any reason play it in a public space where people understand Japanese…):

【デッドボール】【巡音ルカ】WASH MY BLOOD【オリジナル】


(I have to stress that you DO NOT read these two words BACKWARDS, don’t say I haven’t warned you….





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