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Vocaloid Ranking

VOCALOID Weekly Ranking (#117, #118)

Hello, and first of all, happy New Year~~ Anyways, there isn’t really much exciting stuff that’s happening in VOCALOID ranking except that the legendary classics have been dominating these two week. That is not to say there aren’t new great stuff. Notably, クワガタ (artist for パズル or Puzzle), and a relatively new artist すこっぷ (Scop) have some great new songs along with a variety of other indie genre stuff. Without further delay let’s get to it.

Issue #117:

Parts 1,2,3

Comments: Not very exciting at all with some decent new year songs. Dominated by the classics…


#1 【サイト】【初音ミク】来年からがんばれ【オリジナル】

#2 【クワガタ】【初音ミク】君の体温【オリジナル】

#5 【鼻そうめんP】【初音ミク】Unfragment【オリジナル】

Issue #118:

Parts 1,2,3

Comments: #5 and #2 last week make a return, and #5 features a quite impressive PV making it #1. ハチ is still as strong as ever… with 3 songs dominating. And すこっぷ has a double chart this week. Btw, you might have questions on the Kagamine twin’s Velvet Mix… I am not including them since they aren’t really “original…” They are great songs none the less.


#2 【すこっぷ】【初音ミク】マリオネットシンドローム【オリジナル】

#3 【めろう】【鏡音リン・レン】鏡音八八花合戦【オリジナル】

#5 【虹原ぺぺろん】【鏡音リン】Shade Slide【オリジナル】

#9 【かたひとり】【巡音ルカ】ミラクルたゆん【オリジナル】

#26 【すこっぷ】【初音ミク】あげおめ!【オリジナル】

Enjoy the songs, and as always, thanks for byakuyabou on youtube for the youtube video.




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