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Vocaloid Ranking

Vocaloid Weekly Ranking (#114, #115, #116)

First of all, sorry for 3 weeks of non-update… But have been busy with finals. To be honest, #114 and #115 isn’t very exciting at all, and the song qualities aren’t that “great” in my opinion. However, #114 have two of my favorite picks of the year (hint*hint), which is ranked in at #1 and #2. Issue #114 also marks the release of SF-A2 Miki, so there is a considerable number of Miki songs, and some well-known artist has begun test Miki out: otetsu and samfree among the firsts.

So, for this entry, the news would be pretty old, and I’ll just link the Vocaloid Ranking videos, and the DL links for the recommendations. Next Week will have my VOCALOID round-up of the year with songs that’s released in 2009. There would be my top 10 pick of the year, and top 5 of each genre. Look forward to it!!

A note for future standardization of formats, you may click on the song name to download the mp3 file (sorry about the long mp3 name since wordpress doesn’t like jp file names… I’ll shorten them in the future), and the format will be posted as follow:

#Ranking – 【Artist】【VOCALOID NAME(s)】Song Name【Original or Cover】

Without further a-due, Issue #114:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


#1 – 【ハチ】【初音ミク】Clock Lock Works【オリジナル】
#2 – 【おにゅう】【初音ミク】祝ってやる【オリジナル】
#7 – 【DECO*27】 【初音ミク】ラヴゲイザー【オリジナル】
#23 – 【+音】【初音ミク】月屑【オリジナル】
#26 – 【りゅーりゅー】【初音ミク】Named After You【オリジナル】
#27 – 【otetsu】【SF-A2 Miki】Wish【オリジナル】

Issue #115:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


#1 – 【Treow】【初音ミク・巡音ルカ】Blindness【オリジナル】
#4 – 【CosMo】【巡音ルカ】独房ステラシアタ【オリジナル】
#8 – 【ゆうゆ】【初音ミク】KOKORO-GAME-BOX【オリジナル】
#17 – 【aquascape】【初音ミク】ラブプラネット【オリジナル】

Issue #116

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Short Comment: There is several classic getting bumped out from this week’s ranking, notably rasetsu; ハチ’s song also only debuted at merely #4 getting pushed away from the top 3 spot … a weird week indeed since #3 is quite weird and requires an acquire test to appreciate it…

P.S. Can you spot the Christmas song?? (Color coded ^^)

Oh, and NO, the first song isn’t by kz or people over at livetune… I know it sounds really similar to the first generation of Miku masters…


#1 – 【八王子P】【初音ミク】エレクトリック・ラブ【オリジナル】
#2 – 【Papiyon】【初音ミク】ラブアトミック・トランスファー【オリジナル】
#4 – 【ハチ】【初音ミク】恋人のランジェ【オリジナル】
#7 – 【虹原ぺぺろん】【SF-A2 Miki】サテライト【オリジナル】
#11 – 【ゆよゆっぺ】【巡音ルカ】ALONE【オリジナル】
#15 – 【槇タケポン】【初音ミク】機械仕掛けのサンタクロース【オリジナル】
#16 – 【ミューム】【初音ミク】よぞらのドラマ【オリジナル】
#19 – 【DECO*27】【初音ミク】一人ぼっちで二人きり【オリジナル】
#20 – 【ぷっちぎりP】【SF-A2 Miki】発光体のルーディ【オリジナル】




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