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Demon’s Soul Female Character Creation Guide

This is for GameFaqs fellow users~ I’ll have this week’s VOCALOID ranking review up soon! Sorry for the lateness~

Guide in Full Length:

Demon’s Soul Female Face Making Guide
Version 1.0


Version History:

12/08/2009 Version 1 and Final Version of the Guide.
You can e-mail me or comment on my blog if you have
specific questions.


Search using the [xxx] tag.


[100] Foreword
[200] Sketching Your Pretty Girl
– [201]Origin, the big picture
– [202]General
– [203]Forehead
– [204]Brows
– [205]Eyes
– [206]Nose
– [207]Cheeks
– [208]Mouth
– [209]Jaw
– [210]Hair Color
[300] Fine-Tuning Your Pretty Girl
*this is probably more helpful*
– [301]Forehead
– [302]Cheeks
– [303]Mouth
– [304]Jaw
– [305]The Finished Screenshot!



You’ve probably spend hours and hours trying to make your
character as good looking as possible before you plunge
into the game where you’ll adventure with your character
for hours and hours…

And most likely, you’ve found yourself UNSATISFIED at how
complex, yet ineffeficient the customization system is
in Demon’s Soul.

This guide is designed to give you pointers on how to make
a “good-looking” female. These are from both my own personal
observation and experience, as well as advices from various
Japanese source.

Note that there is NO WAY to EXACTLY reproduce the same
character. The system in Demon’s Soul, although seems
very “free,” but a lot of the sliders have associated slider
which will also move as you slide another slider. This
is the main problem in which a character is almost
impossible to create using a “set” recipe. Thus the best
way is to follow some guidline, and create your character
from scratch.

Screnshots are available at the fine-tuning section where
the majority of the work are alredy done. The reason I
don’t give in-progress screenshot is because they CHANGE
as your adjust each option due to the slider dependancy
mechanism in this game.

I apologize for the low quality of the screenshot as I
have no TV capture equipment set up…

GUIDE. These are my personal prefrence. Here is a sample
of one of my character in action. The mileage you get
from this guide can vary GREATLY. It will most likely to
take you a few try to get a few for it. When you mess up
it’s simply easier to just start from scratch.

Below is a sample of my work from a DIFFERENT character.
However, the idea behind it is the same. The finished
character in this guide will be at the end.

Now, let’s make that barbie doll!



Since this is about how to make preety girl, obviously you
going to choose Female. Once you done that, let’s get to
the nitty gritty.

You do not have to follow this in chronological order. In
fact, I suggest start with the [205]Eyes section, then
the rest.


I personally recommend West to start with. It has one of the
best face shape to begin with, and all the other details
can changed in the “Details” part such as skin color, eye
color, etc.

In this section, what you are aiming for are a “workable”
female face. So spam that Random button until you see one
that is somewhat “OK.”

For Age and Gender: you are aiming for Youngest, and about
70%-80% toward female. This will give you a nice “realistic”
general shape of the face. As you move extremely to the
right you’ll see more “puffy” cheeks.

Hairstyle is your personal preference, but I prefer the
“Long Wavy.”


If you chose a decent face shape to begin with, there is
really no reason to touch this section except for skin


For this section there are few things of interest.

Brow Width: It should be about 15-20% toward Narrow.

Brow Depth: Should be about 20%-30% toward Slight.

Brow Asperity should be about 30%-35% toward Convex.

Nose Bridge Height: Usually don’t need to touch, but if
it’s too high adjust it to about 60%-70%.


The most interesting is in the tab “Brow Ridge.” This
determines the “Attitude” of your character.

Brow Ridge Height: Should be about 20% toward Low.

Inner Brow Rdige: Should be about 20% toward Low.

Outer Brow Ridge: Should be about 60%-70% toward Low.

Eye Brows Tab:

Depending on your prefrence. Feel free to experiemnt.
But do not over experiment since it can smear all your
result because of slider dependency….


This is where it will give your character the MOST
feminine look. And it’s probably the easiest adjustment
as well.

Eye Area Tab

Eyeline: 95% toward Dark.
Eye Shadow: 95% toward Dark.

Eyes Tab

Should not touch them too much except the last 3 option
which changes your eye color, but not the overall

Eye Posistion: If you feel your brow is too close to
your eye, this is where you should “lift” your brow,
and not the brow section, since the brow section will
actually change the overall structure.

Eye Size: should be about 65% ish depending on how you
like your porportion. It’s your call.

– [206]Nose


This is another important tab which can change your
character from an ugly duckling to a princess.

Nostrils Tab

Nostril Slant: 45%-50% toward Down. You don’t want to
expose all your nostril, but wants a little tipping to
make your character more natural.

Nostril Size: 20% toward Small. Girls have slender

Nostril Width: 20% toward Narrow.

Nasal Size: 20% toward Small.

Nose Ridge Tab (best to use side view. Rotate your cha-
racter portrait using right analog stick). Usually this
section doesn’t need adjustment after the previous tab.
However, there are times where the ridge is too obtuse
or too “outstanding.” The effect you want to achieve
here is to have a little “tip” on the nose but not
too much. And you also want a rather slender ridge.

Nose Ridge Depth: 20-30% toward Short

Nose Ridge Length: 80% toward Long

Nose Posistion: 0-5% toward Down.


This is one of the easiest section to mess up your look.
And it’s also very difficult to descrbie. Use your best
judgement. What you want here is get rid of that “puffy”
cheek that’s so easily made in Demon’s Soul, and get a
slender preety looking girl.

This section requires each tab working with each other
to achieve a balanced ratio.

A balance ratio should achieve an oval shape face where
it looks like a long wine glass with the top wider than
the bottom of the face.

Cheekbone Height: Lean toward High.

Cheekbone Depth: Around the middle.

Cheekbone Width: Bit below the middle.

Cheekbone Asperity: Extremely leaning toward Convex.

Cheeks: 70-75% toward Thin to avoid “boney” face.

Nasolabial Fold: about 40%-45% to avoid fat cheek “flap”
but not so light it creates a “ring” around the mouth.


This is yet ANOTHER important section that can drastically
change how your character looks — good and bad.

Mouth sliders can EASILY make your character look BAD, but
requires a LOT of work to make it look GOOD.

This section is very important to avoid the “Duck” mouth
where your mouth just protrude too much and looks “bad.”
You also do NOT want EXTREMELY thin lips.

Mouth Tab

Mouth Asperity: All the way toward Concave.

Mouth Slant: All the way Down.

Occlusion: All the way Up.

Mouth Width: Lean toward Wide.

Lips Tab

Please use your best judgement. I like to aim for the
“neutral look” so the mouth doesn’t smile or frawn.

Lip Fullness: 30%-40% toward Small.

Lip Asperity: Extremely skewed toward Concave.

Lip Size: Extremely skewed toward small.

Lip Thickness: 35%-40% toward Thin.


You almost there, but it should be note, the REAL tinkering
starts NOW.

You may not have noticed, but sliders in OTHER areas of the
guide has changed. Especially the [207]Cheeks and the

After you are done with this section you should go back and
tinker with those section.

This section is dedicated for your girl to have a smaller
and more feminine chin shape by narrowing it and showing
some nice curve, and lifting the chin.

Jaw Tab

Jaw Protrusion: toward Small.
Jaw Width: >=75% toward Narrow.
Lower Jaw: >=70% toward Low.
Jaw Contour: <= 30% toward Thin.

Chin Tab

Your goal here in the tab is to show a LITTLE protrusion
under the mouth at the chin tip. It should NOT pass the
upper lip in protrusion. It should just be a little more
than the lower lip.

Chin Width: very very narrow.
Chin Depth: lean toward Deep.
Chin Height: lean toward Low. However make sure it's not
TOO Low. (about 30-40%
Chin Size: very very small

[210]Hair Color

Self-Explanatory. Whatever you like. I like subtle colors.


Above is the rough sketch. You probably still wondering why
it doesn't look good. This is where slider dependency comes
into play. The slider dependency in this game is like
actively trying to make your character look bad.

One of the most frustrating thing is that while you are
tuning one aspect, other parts change without you knowing.
So after you finish a rough sketch from above. You now
should swirl your model around and see which part needs

Parts that need bit tuning again are usually:

[305]Age and Gender

These four ares are what contribute to your character the
most in terms of the quality of your work.

These are what fine tuning look like from the example
from the previous section.





From the side, your forehead should protrude a little so
your eye is a little bit "inside." It creates a nicely
curved nose ridge this way. However do not go too deep!

Also make sure your Nose Bridge Width isn't too wide
apart. And it also creates a slender nose.



You do not want puffy cheek, and nose flaps. You should make
the upper a little wider and the bottom section slender.
Asperity should always go for the highest Convexity possible
because it gives your face a curve. And try not to make your
cheek too skinny like you haven't eaten in days.



This is one of the hardest adjustment to take. You want
your mouth to be as convex as possible and that your lower
lip is NOT further out than the top of your lip. It's very
hard to achieve a "smiling" character using my configuration
but I aim for the neutral look.

Don't make your lips too "pursed." Your goal is to make your
lip as natural as possible when closed. Don't make your
mouth look too wide either. A good rule of thumb is that
your mouth should be little wider than your nose so it
should extend bit under your eye.

Between the nose and jaw, your mouth should occupy the
upper 75% of that space, so it is closer to your nose than
your jaw.



This is also a hard section to configure. You have to work
closely with the Cheeks to achieve the best look possible.
Just remember dont' make your chin too long, and don't make
it protrude too deep.

Life your chin a little with the "Chin Height" with the High

For your jaws, you should achieve as slender as possible
without loosing the integrity of the whole structure.

This section of your face should be the narrowest part of
your face, so make it as slender as possible with "Chin
Size" and "Chin Width" option using Small and Narrow

[305]Age and Gender


Thought you were done eh? Not quiet! It's amazing that even
the most general slide changes when you are making detailed
changes. Try to move the Gender slider toward about 80% of
between Male and Female.

After this step, there might be a little bit more minor
changes that take place. However, i strongly advise changing
anything from the above 4 section by this point.

[305]The Finished Screenshot




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5 thoughts on “Demon’s Soul Female Character Creation Guide

  1. awesome tutorial :) it helped me soo much

    Posted by JJ | March 20, 2010, 03:28
  2. Thanks this is a great guide.

    Posted by D. | March 27, 2010, 15:59
  3. This is an excellent guide, but I was wondering, do you have the slides for your second character? I can’t seem to make one that looks as good. If so, could you send them to sagebabus@yahoo.com please?

    Posted by J | April 12, 2010, 18:13
  4. Can you make a male guide please? I really need one.

    Posted by G | August 19, 2010, 23:33
  5. Could you do the same for me too please? imcinsc22@yahoo.com

    Posted by ian | September 9, 2010, 00:31

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