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Blog Upgrade! VOCALOID playlist!

Well! I am happy to announce to all the visitors that the blog has received an upgrade!

1. Bigger Storage!
2. Local Mp3 Hosting! No more pesky megaupload wait time for free users :)
3. Music Player!!!

You may have noticed on the left hand widget side a new widget from Vodpod! It’s a music player with Vocaloid songs, click it and a larger player will pop-up! You may also choose to open it in a separate window to use as a standalone player! It features mp3 locally hosted from this blog, therefore they are of VERY HIGH sound quality, enjoy streaming at its best!

Currently it boasts 68 songs that I have selected, it is by no means THE BEST. But it is some of my favorites! The genre is wide, but I am in a ゆよゆっぺ fever right now… so forgive me with the large amount of ゆよゆっぺ songs ~

ゆよゆっぺ is a very talented creator of VOCALOID song who uses the powerful voice of Luka and the softer voice of Miku to express some very disturbing subject. His song are usually the emocore, nu-metal, and the screamo genre! Very unusual for VOCALOID songs!

The List features song from very well-known artist including but no limited to:

ryo (supercell)
kz. (Livetune)

There will be future updates with new song, and you bet you’ll be finding weekly recommendations on the list, so you can preview them in full before downloading!

Click the Player on the left under the search bar to start enjoy High Quality mp3 Stream!

Please report any broken links, and I’ll happy to fix it!



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