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Vocaloid Weekly Ranking (#114, #115, #116)

First of all, sorry for 3 weeks of non-update… But have been busy with finals. To be honest, #114 and #115 isn’t very exciting at all, and the song qualities aren’t that “great” in my opinion. However, #114 have two of my favorite picks of the year (hint*hint), which is ranked in at #1 and #2. … Continue reading

Demon’s Soul Female Character Creation Guide

This is for GameFaqs fellow users~ I’ll have this week’s VOCALOID ranking review up soon! Sorry for the lateness~ Guide in Full Length: Demon’s Soul Female Face Making Guide Version 1.0 THIS GUIDE IS ONLY TO BE DISTRIBUTED VIA GAMEFAQS.COM DO NOT REPUBLISH WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION. LINKS TO IMAGE MAY NOT BE EXTERNALLY LINKED. Version … Continue reading

Blog Upgrade! VOCALOID playlist!

Well! I am happy to announce to all the visitors that the blog has received an upgrade! 1. Bigger Storage! 2. Local Mp3 Hosting! No more pesky megaupload wait time for free users :) 3. Music Player!!! You may have noticed on the left hand widget side a new widget from Vodpod! It’s a music … Continue reading