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Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #111 (11/09/09-11/15/09)

This week is a hectic week… with a LOT of new original songs as well as some non-mainstream VOCALOID songs making to the top 30… Many of the old classic were pushed out of the top 30, but a few remains and it isn’t much of a surprised what remained: the cream of the crop. Let’s get started… there is QUITE a bit of new songs.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

At 30, we have “The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku,” (初音ミクの消失), one of the several classic that remained in this week’s competitive charting because of the new song. Definitely one of the cream of the crop.

At 29, we get a new song, “Moonlight Walker” that’s being submitted to Project Diva, the arcade version. A rather nice rock song recommends!

At 28, we have another classic, rasetsu (羅刹), definitely one of the “stand out” song in the history of VOCALOID.

At 27, we have a surprising contender. Not because of it is original, but a COVER song of a VERY popular anime, Toaru no kagaku Rail Gun (Some Scientific Railgun)… The anime sure have a huge popularity…

At 26 – 24 are all older songs like “Miku Miku shite ageru,” surely a classic. E’s Dirsty Aspiration is still enjoying some boost since it’s a new song that debuted two weeks ago.

From 23 to 21, we have THREE new songs, each by a DIFFERENT VOCALOID: Miku, Luka, and.. Kaito. Which is unusual. They really tried their best! Miku sings “1/6,” Luka performs “Memorial Wing,” and Kaito rocks us with “Moonlight Total Eclipse”

From 20-18 we have some old songs once again… “Melt” hasn’t left the chart for as long as i know… “1925” is enjoying a revival for the past several weeks.

At 17 we have a NON mainstream vocaloid, nuggupoid … not a bad song actually.

At 16 -15 we have oldies … Romeo to Cinderella has been clinging this posistion for as long as i know… it just shows how strong it is at charting… And another Luka song at 15, the Luka version of mikumiku shiteageru basically…

At 14 we have yet another new song from Rin this time. “Heart is Kaleidoscope,” it has a rather dark PV for such a song imo… A good song none the less.

AT 13, we have Magnet, the yuri song of Luka and Miku. Probably one of the best duet song.

At 12 we have another new song, “Box of Memory,” from Miku, a alternative pop/rock? Pretty good!

At 11, we have an old but relatively new song that’s probably going to have a strong showing for some weeks to follow. “Chain Girl,” is still hot from its release.

At 10, we have Double Lariat, signature Luka song. Quite a bit of Luka song this week probably due to her Nendoroid release from GoodSmile, and her imminent release of Tako Luka keychains.

At 9, we have another new song that’s NOT mainstream VOCALOID. Gumi sings us a decent song that’s very Swantone style. High Sweet Pop/Techno.

At 8 and 7 we have two old song, “Bad Sweet,” remained from last week with an impressive sustained charting. And “Just Be Friends,” has become probably one of the most recognized VOCALOID song, and Luka song as well. It’s gonna stay in for weeks and weeks to follow.

At 6, we have “Koi ha omajinai,” a new Miku song that has a very upbeat melody and sweet tone that bares heavy resemblance with anime theme songs.

At 5, we have an old song not from miku but … kaito! Kaito double strikes this week! Rather weird to see this song here though…

From 4 to 1, it’s been VERY VERY competitive this week with 4 VERY VERY good songs. If I could, i’d rank them on the same level, but the viewers decided the order.

At 4, we have Butterfly, we have a nice alternative rock “Butterfly,” not very different from the usual Miku in terms of music genre, but it does carry a nice miku voice configuration that fits really well with the song’s great melody.

At 3, we have an AMAZING new Luka hard rock song, Desire. Really surprised it didn’t make number 1 and it just shows that this week’s song are all out doing each other…

At 2, we have another awesome song from Miku. “Forgotten Alice,” is a dark song that borders on goth/emo rock. None the less, quite good, and definitely going to please some people of the community who liked rasetsu.

At 1…. really I don’t really think this song brought anything new in terms of musicianship, but it DOES carry an interesting title “R-18.” Now don’t go thinking this is an ero song, because R-18 stands for ROUTE 18. My opinion is that this song took number is partly or largely due to the celeb power behind it, cosMo’s work carries heavy weight since he composed “The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku,” and with this song, cosMo took two spots on this week’s chart.

Time for recommendations! This week is quite long because there are just so many amazing new songs.

#29 – Moonlight Walker
#14 – ハートは万華鏡
#12 – 記憶ノ箱
#6 – 恋のおまじない
#4 – Butterfly
#3 – Desire
#2 – 忘却アリス
#1 – R-18

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