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Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #110 (11/2/09-11/09/09)

Well… this week is full of surprises, not because of new song but the sheer number of classic returning to top 30 it’s bit silly… Anyways let’s get started with the ranking:

Replayed Times + Comment*Adjustment + Mylist*20

Adjustment = (Replayed Times + MyList) / (Replayed Times + Comment + Mylist)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Right off the bat, we have a pretty awesome song that jumped from 130 to 30 this week…

Then from 29-21 we have some all-time favorites making back to the top #30 such as “The World is Mine,” “1925,” “The disappearance of Hatsune Miku,” etc.

#20, we have a new song “DREAMA” worth mentioning by くちばしP we will have 2 song ranked this week.

#19, is a new song from Meiko as a tribute to Vocaloid Meiko’s birthday~~ happy birthday Meiko!

Then from 18-12 again, we have all-time favorites dominating again including “Melt,” “Romeo to Cinderella,” “Mrs. Pumpkins Funny Dream,” etc… These songs are pretty damn strong when it comes to ranking.

#11, we have a new song “Bad Sweets,” nothing special, but enough to push it to #11 this week.

Ok for the Weekly Pickup… I HAVE to comment on this… Vocaloid Parody with miku parodying Idol Master is just pricelss!

#10-6 again we have not all time favorites but relatively new songs from past few week that still is clinging on to the chart, and “Es Dirty Aspiration” actually climbed dramatically this week.

#5 is a new song called “Space Radio” from ←P (lol…) it’s an alternative (rock?) that’s pretty heavy on the drums… Pretty unique in terms of Vocaloid music.

#4 is also a new song from famed Deco*27… there really isn’t a song that DECO*27 makes that doesn’t rank at least a week and here it is ;x A bit of departure from their usual catchy pop, this song is a harder electronic than their usual.

#3 … Chain Girl!! it just shows how strong this song is in ranking itself lol… unlike #2 from last week which has dropped to #53, Chain Girl only received a minor drop to #3 :o

#2 we have… JBF!!! BREAKING THE MILLION VIEW this week. Congratulations… JBF is probably going to be in every week’s ranking now and also going to share the Vocaloid Classic title with other great works.

#1… Well what a surprise “キミボシ” … I think it was an overlapped song that didn’t make it to last weeks’ ranking and showed up today… Judging from the sound and the music, it wasn’t a surprise it’d be ranked for top 30, but it’s a surprise it took #1 this week…

Well time for this week’s recommendation… really all the newly charted song are really good, so I’ll most of all the new songs, as you can see, some of this week’s new song is quite strong ranking top 5, and 1 made it to the top…:

#30, #20, #11, #5, #4, #1

Second Thoughts: “宇宙ラジオ” (Space Radio, #5) is actually a really good song, rather different from the usual VOCALOID approach… the percussion is very heavy, and the drum can be distraction or a very nice addition… Try to listen to it couple times.





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