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Vocaloid Ranking

First review of Weekly Vocaloid Ranking (10/27/09-11/2/09)

Welcome to my very first Weekly Vocaloid Ranking, and I will be starting with issue #109, ranking of 10/27/09-11/2/09. These review will come out weekly, when new rankings come out from Japan’s nicodouga.  My focus are the top 30 songs, and maybe some comments on the 31~. I will also provide a d/l link for my weekly recommendation from the list. My taste of song varies greatly so not all the song may suit you~~

Bit long for the intro… but this is the first time so yea… let is be no further delay, I present you:

「週刊VOCALOIDランキング Season 2009 #10(9)」
Click here to Vocaloid Ranking homepage with ranking in Text/Stats.

Formula for ranking:

Played times + Comment Counts * Adjusted Multiplier + MyList Counts *20

Adjusted Multiplier = (Played times + MyList Counts) / (Played times + Comment Counts + MyList Counts) ~ rounded to 2 decimals

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


Just off the bat, #30 caught my attention. It wasn’t something really special, but for a the author’s relative new experience, it’s a nice piece of work.

#29~#23 was all old songs and has strong showing almost every week. A surprise was #28 hikyou sentai from kaito…. #26 is one of my all time favorites from doriko, “Romeo to Juliet.”

At #22 we have a new contender of the techno-rock genre, “Es ~dirty aspiration~” it has a similar feel to earlier Kotoko songs like Sappuration…

#21~19 we have again old songs, but probably Vocaloid classics now, “magnet,” and “Melt” both are megahits.

#17 interestingly, was not ranked previous week, but jumped to #17 instantly this week… A nice soft rock song.

#16 and #15 are 2 wtfs? lol… #15 is just for laugh….

#14 ~ #11 are high profile artists’ works… At #14 we have “Just be Friends” from Dixie Flatline which has spawned tons of song along and a very popular piano arrangement. At #13 and #11 we have ハチ’s work for Halloween in his usual dark gothic style and a recent song. At #12 we have Deco*27’s single “愛、Think So” which rose 10+ rank from last week. (Ai, Think So).

At #10-9 we have a dual ranking from マチゲリ-タP with a Halloween themed song similar to ハチ’s style and another from techno genre.

#7 and #6 are works from artist who also got ranked twice this week. One is from Escape Reality, and the other one is from ストリークP.

#5 is a new song from ささくれUK. It’s a nice little electronic ballad.

#4 is from のぼる↑P “サヨナラ、ゴッバイ” a nice pop, but we will soon see this isn’t his best work yet…

Well.. interesting #3… A Miku parody on the Tower of Druaga game… an old 8 bit game which has spawned a 2-seasoned anime the past year. Pretty cute.

#2 was definitely one of the runner-up people expected. A song from kazu-k … a pretty depressing song despite its upbeat tune about everyone should blow up (‘д’)

And this week’s… #1!!!! we have “鎖の少女” (chain girl) by のぼる↑P!! If there that will top #2, it’s gonna have to be a quality like this. #1 on debut, and accumulated half a million points in a week really shows the power of this song and PV that went a long with it.

This week overall is pretty much like usual but with a new song #1 debut, it’s pretty exciting.

My recommendation for this week would be (I would recommend the older songs, but I would like to only recommend new things since people probably already heard the older ones):

#22 (E’s ~dirty aspiration~), #17 (Plan), #10 (ドリリムメルティックハロウィン) and #1 (Chain Girl)
Download Link

*I’ll re-upload somewhere else, if there are reports of broken DL Link*

~Special thanks to the following~
youtube source from: byakuyabou
nico source: sm8694870
Suroy for correcting me on Chain Girl. Error fixed.



3 thoughts on “First review of Weekly Vocaloid Ranking (10/27/09-11/2/09)

  1. chain girl did not have half a million views, but have half a million points. i am certain that it garnered around 134k views, and that is already high as of a debut.

    Posted by mr.suroy | November 4, 2009, 02:48
  2. Thanks! I didn’t catch that when I wrote it :o I’ll fix it~

    Posted by tyw214 | November 5, 2009, 03:07


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