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Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #112 & #113(11/16/09-11/30/09)

Well… sorry for last week not writing about the ranking. To be honest, last week was a rather weak week. I guess it was only natural that after 3 week of quality works there is a little “down time” in the VOCALOID creative community. For this week I’ll blog the two week together~ Last week’s … Continue reading

Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #111 (11/09/09-11/15/09)

This week is a hectic week… with a LOT of new original songs as well as some non-mainstream VOCALOID songs making to the top 30… Many of the old classic were pushed out of the top 30, but a few remains and it isn’t much of a surprised what remained: the cream of the crop. … Continue reading

Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #110 (11/2/09-11/09/09)

Well… this week is full of surprises, not because of new song but the sheer number of classic returning to top 30 it’s bit silly… Anyways let’s get started with the ranking: Replayed Times + Comment*Adjustment + Mylist*20 Adjustment = (Replayed Times + MyList) / (Replayed Times + Comment + Mylist) Part 1 Part 2 … Continue reading

Makes one wonder…

At least it makes me wonder how many times you got your heart broken to write such heart wrenching, tear jerking lyrics for a song? Never felt so bittersweet hearing “Just be friends,” a phrase that sounds quiet natural. But in the context of Dixie Flatline’s “Just be Friends,” it’s a whole new level of … Continue reading

So… when was the last time I teared listening to a song…?

Honestly… in 21 years of my life, so emotionally moved by music and imagery was as rare as full solar eclipse… In the past two week, two Vocaloid song touched me so deeply that I teared every time I listened to it; watching its PV just doubled the emotional impact. I’d like to share the … Continue reading

ミクFES’09 (Miku Festival 2009) Merchandises~

Well just go this in the mail yesterday~ Sorry for the low quality shots…. A mini-replica of the megaphone Miku used in the 恋は戦争 (Love is War) PV by ryo/supercell. I got this one at a premium off private sellers, but Amazon.co.jp is now carrying it in its official inventory at 1,800 Yen (They don’t … Continue reading

First review of Weekly Vocaloid Ranking (10/27/09-11/2/09)

Welcome to my very first Weekly Vocaloid Ranking, and I will be starting with issue #109, ranking of 10/27/09-11/2/09. These review will come out weekly, when new rankings come out from Japan’s nicodouga.  My focus are the top 30 songs, and maybe some comments on the 31~. I will also provide a d/l link for … Continue reading