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Japanese Mahjong Bonus Chart

Japanese Mahjong Bonus Chart (Full fill one of these conditions in order to be able to “win”)
Multiple bonus stacks (some restriction applies… dont’ worry about it)

Basic terminology:

Single Character Cards:
Direction cards (east/west/north/south) = kazehai
Blank Card/Red Character Card/Green Character Card = sangenhai

Play Mechanic:
– Chi = taking the card played by the person before you to make a straight. Circle 34, taking Circle 5.
– Pon = taking a card played by ANYONE and make a triplets. Circle 33, taking Circle 3.
– Kan (minkan) = taking a card payed by ANYONE and make FOUR OF a kind. Circle 333 taking Circle 3.
– add Kan = you have 3 of a kind from pon, and you draw the fourth of the same kind. You can add to it like a kan.
– Listening = waiting for the last card to win.

*After Chi/pon you must play one card.
*After Kan, you draw one from the last card of the last stack, and play one card.


Riichi/立直 – you can call riichi, when you have not chi/pon/minkan and missing one card to make a winning combo. Example (you drew all these yourself):

Circle 234, Stick 345, Man 234, Stick 666, North 1.
You can win when someone plays a North, or you draw a North.

Ippatsu/一発 – ippatsu occurs when you call riichi, and the next card you draw or played by someone, you win. Example:

Circle 234, Stick 345, Man 234, Stick 666, North 1 -> Call Riichi, next card someone plays/you draw is North, you get ippatsu bonus. Dont’ can’t if someone chi/pon/kan before you get your win card.

Monzenshinntsumo/門前清自摸和 – or just tsumo. You draw the last card you need to win. (not taking someone’s)

Danyaochuu/danyao/断么九 – your winning combination has no stick, circle, man 1s or 9s.

Pinhu/平和 – has 4 conditions:
1.    All straights
2.    No directions, no green character, no red character, no blank card.
3.    Must be listening to two sides (meaning you can win with 2 different cards*)
4.    Must have not chi/pon/kan. (riichi mode)

Stick 77, Circle 234, Stick 345, Man 456, Man 78 you can win with either man 6 or 9.
*the 2 different cards you can win by must be either side of a straight, not TWO DIFFERENT straights.
You also notice, when this occurs, danyao AUTOMATICALLY occurs if you win with man 6.

Iipeikoo/一盃口 – only applies when you are in riichi mode. Occurs when you have two of the same straight in the same suit. Example:

Circle 234, Circle 234, Stick 456, Man 567, 1 North, listening to a North.

Yakuhai/役牌 – 3 of a kind of special cards. The special cards are:
Sangenhais, your own direction card (one of the direction), the round direction card (changes according to round).

Rinshankaihou/嶺上開花 – or called rinshan. Occurs when the card you are listening is from the card you draw from a kan. Example:

Circle 234, Stick 123, Man 45, Man 55 Circle 333, you draw a Circle 3 then you Kan, you’ll have

Circle 234, Stick 123, Man 45, Man 55 Circle 3333, and you draw one, and that card is Man 6 and you  will win with: Circle 234, Stick 123, Man 456, Man 55 Circle 3333

Chankan/槍槓 – occurs when someone ADD kan, and that added card is the one you need to win.

Haiteiraoyuu/海底摸月 – or Haitei. You win by drawing the LAST card of the last stack.

Houteiraoyuu/河底撈魚 – or Houtei. You win by TAKING the LAST card of the last stack which was played by someone.

2x Bonus

Sanshoudoujyunn/三色同順 – have 3 of the same straight from three different suits like Stick 123, Circle 123, Man 123, Circle 555, A pair

Ikkitsukan/一気通貫 – Have 3 straights of the same suit from 1 through 9 like stick 123, stick 456, stick 789, Man 345, A Pair.

Toitoihou/対々和 – Have 4 triplets made with 3 of the same kind + one pair. Stick 222, circle 333, Man 222, Circle 666, One pair of anything.

Sanankou/三暗刻 – Having three triplets of 3 of the same that you DREW BY YOURSELF. Like you drew Man 333, Circle 555, Stick 666 by yourself, Man 234, a pair.

Chiitoitsu/七対子 – having 7 pairs. This obviously mean you can not have pon/chi/kan. Four of the same kind DREW by yourself counts as 2 pairs.

Honnchanntaiyaochyuu/混全帯么九 – simply called chanta. All of your triplets or kan have at least a 1 or 9 AND has to have some sort of direction/sangenhai card. For example:
Circle 123, Stick 789, Man 111, Man 789, North 2. If you chi/pon/kan for one of these, it counts as 1x not 2x.

Honroutou/混老頭 – ALL of your 3 of a kind, 4 of a kind, pairs must be either 1s, 9s, and one of the them MUST be direction/sangenhai cards. (If you notice this combination, it’s ALWAYS either ALSO toitoihou, or 7 pair as well, so you get 4x basically…)

Sanshoukudoukou/三色同刻 – Basically have 3 of a kind of the SAME NUMBER from THREE DIFFERENT SUITS like having Circle 555, Stick 555, man 555, stick 123, a pair.

Sankantsu/三槓子 – Simply having 3 x 4 of the same kind: Circle 4444, Stick 3333, Man 7777, man 123, a pair.

Shousanngenn/小三元 – Having 2 x 3 of a kind of the sanngenhai card, and one pair of sangenhai card. Basically having something like 3 Blank, 3 Red Character, 2 Green Character, man 345, stick 456. (if you notice, you ALWAYS will have 2 yakuhai as well, so you get 4x ALWAYS for this as well).

Dabururiichi/ダブル立直 – Basically you have to riichi after you play your VERY FIRST card. If someone pon/chi/kan before you call it, you only get normal riichi.

3x Bonus

Honiitsu/混一色 – Win by having all of the same suit and single character cards (sangenhai or direciton cards). For example:
Stick 234, Stick 555, Stick 789, Stick 123, 2 North

Jyunchandaiyaochyuu/純全帯么九 – simply called jyunchan. JUST LIKE Honnchanntaiyaochyuu except that there is no single character cards (sangenhai or direction cards). Using similar example from before:
Circle 123, Stick 789, Man 111, Man 789, North 2 is Honnchanntaiyaochyuu, to make it Jyunchandaiyaochyuu you need something like: Circle 123, Stick 789, Man 111, Man 789, Stick 99

Ryannpeikou/二盃口 – basically 2 x Iipeikoo. For example, Circle 234, Circle 234, Man 345, Man 345, A pair of anything. Although it’s 7 Pair, you DO NOT COUNT 7 pair for this since 7 pair is LESS than this. It stacks with Pinhu however.

6x Bonus

Chiniitsuu/清一色 – Your winning hand has ONLY one suit. For example: Stick 234, Stick 345, Stick 456, Stick 777, Stick 11. NON-Riichi Mode Chiniitsuu is 5x.

That’s about all the most common ones… the HIGHER bonus ones are rather hard to get and not seen often, and hard to remember.

Some Uber ones…

if you want to know… (ones i’ve gotten before)

Tsukantsu/四槓子 – 4x 4 of a kind + 1 of anything.

Suuankou/四暗刻 – 4x 3 of a kind that you drew by yourself + a pair.

Daisangen/大三元 – 3x 3 of a kind sangenhai + other combination of cards (usually a triplet and a pair).

Tsuuiitsuu/字一色 – everything made of single character cards. Direction and Sangenhai cards. Pairs, 4 of a kind, and 3 of a kind.

Shousuushii/小四喜 – 3x 3 of a kind direction cards + 1 pair of the 4th direction cards. East 3, West 3, North 3, South 2 + a triplet or something.

Daisuushiii/大四喜 – 4x 3 of a kind direction cards + a pair of anything.

Ryuuiitsuu/緑一色 – All of your cards are green cards. Green cards are, Stick 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, and the green character cards from the Sangenhai series. 6s, 8s, and the green card can only be 3 of a kind or four a kind obviously. 234 can make straights.

Chinroutou/清老頭 – All of your pairs and 3 of a kind are 1s or 9s. Such as Circle 111, Man 111, Man 999, Circle 999, Stick 11.



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